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EXC 01-A (Moroccan Essence)
EXC 01-B (Moroccan Essence)
EXC 02-A (Oriental Street)
EXC 02-B (Oriental Street)
EXC 03-A (Plum Magic)
EXC 04-A (Morning Love)
EXC 04-B (Morning Love)
EXC 05-A (Midsummer Night's Dream)
EXC 06-A (Sicilian Rose)
EXC 07-A (Aqua Garden)
EXC 07-B (Aqua Garden)
EXC 08-A (Lover's Tale)
EXC 09-A (Tuscan Column)
EXC 10-A (Rococo Dream)
EXC 11-A (Sweet Romance)
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